Working With Us

What can you expect when working with MRB Solutions? Here are a few of our core values.


At MRB Solutions, we can take care of your major renovation from start to finish, or we can work with other trade contractors where you need us. We’re also happy to see you share in the process if you’re someone who wants the satisfaction of shedding some of your own sweat in the job. Past clients have enjoyed investing themselves in the cabinets, trim, paint and tile. We welcome your involvement provided that you can be happy with your work.


One of the biggest stressors for homeowners in the midst of a remodel is the upheaval to their daily life. When you hire us, you can be assured that we don’t leave a job at the end of the day until the work area is clean and organized.


We are a small company. We take on only a few jobs at a time so that Mike can be fully involved in every aspect of a project. All our employees are honest, trustworthy tradesmen and women whom we know well. If we wouldn’t welcome someone in our own home, we wouldn’t hire them to work in yours.

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